Make the call for your introductory lesson.
All lessons are scheduled on an appointment basis. Each lesson is 50 minutes long and is taught in a dance studio setting. For best results, start lessons 4-6 months before your wedding date.

The lesson itself
During your first lesson we will discuss how you envision your wedding dance. We’ll take time to listen to any music selections you bring so we can see what dances work best for them.

On the dance floor we’ll be moving together in basic walking patterns, with and without music. I’ll be assessing your overall abilities to better advise you on improvements and steps that we can introduce.

Don’t worry, it’ll be easy and you’ll have fun!

At the end of the first lesson we’ll discuss how much time you may need or want to create your dance. Every couple learns in their own unique way, so we will have to design an individual “game plan” that fits your expectations, time frame and budget to get you on your way to a truly memorable First Dance.

What do we wear to lessons?
For you gals, bring a pair of comfortable heels you would go out on the town in, ones that won’t slip off your feet. Better yet, bring the shoes you will wear with your wedding gown! Wear a fun skirt, something that flows.

For the guys, a nice pair of slacks and leather-soled shoes are fine for now. Later on you will want to break in your wedding day shoes for dancing.
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