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A Moving Edge Seminar is a motivating and innovative full-day workshop experience that promotes individual empowerment and effective team interrelationship, through movement exercises and practical skills in: trust, intuition, communication, expression, creativity, support, ensemble work and synergy.
Learn the truth about communication and re-awaken your team’s spirit. Build self-confidence by focusing and aligning the energy of the body and mind. Explore the freedom of natural expression through fun, familiar movements while building trust and rapport with team members. Break through old, rigid and unproductive Body/Mind habits and patterns.  Have fun and enjoy the experience of learning through movement, being in the present moment and achieving a sense of well-being and release from stress.
Moving Edge produces results! This workshop is designed to enhance the core energetic structure, effectiveness and communication of a group and is custom tailored, and appropriate for any level of team that wishes to grow in a safe, respectful and professional environment. Groups in your company that will benefit from this workshop include: Newly formed teams, Executive team leaders wishing to come together to facilitate communication between themselves and their departments, Specialized Teams that wish to fine-tune cooperation and focus between their members, Teams from various departments who wish to develop closer working relationships.